How It Works

Plant Connect is a subscription service.


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The reports allow the user to quickly correct inefficent production & inventory levels.

About Us

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Plant Connect is a product derived by engineers from the scale, aggregate, mining, and agricultural industries.

Plant Connect provides a quick and easy way to view your production data from anywhere.

Multiple sites and scales may be viewed from one location giving our customers instant and historical feedback as to the efficiencies of their facilities.

The data is collected with either an Internet router connected to your facility's Internet connection or via a cellular connection.  The data is sent and stored on our off-site secure servers.  You can access reports anytime by selecting the dates and times you wish to view. Real time viewing allows for quick corrections to inefficient production processes.

Reports can easily be generated for management and customer review as well as equipment tracking.   These reports are available for any date range you select.  The data available in our standard reports allow our customers to see start times, stop times, optimal run times and much more.

We have the ability to customize reports and connect to a wide variety of scales.  If you want to monitor your plant, give us a call.

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